This is a site I put up in order to post a few of the programs I've written over the years.


October 3, 2015:

My bot won the Arimaa Challenge earlier this year, and I recently got a paper about it published in the ICGA Journal! (the March 2015 issue, which, due to some delays, was only actually published in the last month or so).

September 18, 2012:

Updated squiggly sudoku to include the puzzle number in the url and properly perma-link, and also added giant 12x12 puzzles.

August 5, 2012:

Wrote an app for Android that lets you play the game of Arimaa. As usual, it includes a computer opponent, which I've been working on intermittently for the last few years.

May 27, 2010:

Added a new java program, Connect 5, with a fairly good AI. Source available in the downloads section.

July 28, 2009:

Updated squiggly sudoku interface - allows undos and saving states. Slight changes to the way notes and possibles work. Have fun.

December 29, 2008:

Just for fun, for those who enjoy squiggly sudoku, here's a page where you can try out random squiggly puzzles at various difficulties - Squiggly Sudoku
Also, on the side, posted a primality checker, as well as another amusing diversion. Both are written in Javascript.

Happy holidays!

July 4, 2008:

The life simulator now handles more than two cell states. Also, some significant rewrites to parts of the core engine have resulted in a modest speed boost for two-state simulations, as well as support for B0 rules (birth with 0 neighbors) even in unbounded universes. Have fun.

April 6, 2008:

Added a fast simulator for the Game of Life that I've been working on for the past week or two. Right now, it's pretty plain, but I plan add more features, hopefully in the near future, including support for rules with more than two states, copying and pasting, and a library of patterns. I'll post the source later, once I've finished tinkering with the program. Enjoy!

February 7, 2008:

Made a handful of modifications to JavaMines and JSlime, and added a new program, a basic Markov babbler that I wrote for fun. It takes any text as input and randomly tries to mimic the text, sometimes resulting in quite hilarious output.

November 9, 2007:

Uploaded another program, JSlime. Can you beat the AI? Corrected a version error in JavaMines - it is now labeled version 1.0 instead of version 1.1 in the documentation and in the program itself, and also added version and date information to the source files for all programs. More programs to come!

November 5, 2007:

The rest of the website is now online, along with two of my programs, FluidSim and JavaMines. Yay! Check them out in the Applets or Downloads section.

November 3, 2007:

Welcome to my homepage! Finally up and running now. Currently this is the only page. Updates to come shortly.
David Wu

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