Below are some of the Java programs I've written in applet form. Downloadable versions and source code are available in the downloads section.

Fluidsim - A 2D fluid simulator implementing an algorithm developed by Jos Stam. It's surprisingly easy to waste an hour or two playing with the fluid and watching all the colors and swirls that are created. Enjoy.

JavaMines - An implementation of Minesweeper that features 5 difficulty levels as well as custom boards up to 100 x 60 tiles, guaranteed logical board generation, and high-score tracking down to 0.1 second. For recreational purposes, this should pretty much make classic Windows Minesweeper obsolete (at least, I hope so).

JSlime - Implements the game Slimewars, also known as Ataxx. The version here features slightly modified rules (to allow passing) and features quite a strong AI (enhanced alpha-beta search).

Connect5 - Implements the game of Connect 5, with a decent AI (alpha-beta + threat-space search).

JLife - A relatively fast and efficient simulator for Conway's Game of Life. Supports an unbounded universe, as well as user-customizable rules.
Copyright 2012, David Wu